eWorkbook Project

Before I post my screencasts of me using StudioCode to code video for my most recent research pilot study, I will give a brief synopsis of the study so you will better understand some of my codes and choices throughout the process.

The pilot study was a qualitative study of an intervention I created along with two colleagues, which we called the eWorkbook.  This eWorkbook was designed to replace math worksheets during independent math practice time for 6 kindergarten students.  The eWorkbook is an electronic worksheet presented to students on an iPad with built-in supports to help students become more independent and to provide any additional teaching supports that cannot be given to students when there is only one teacher in the classroom.  The photos attached to this post show some example pages of our pilot eWorkbooks.

We made these eWorkbooks using free software called iBooks author and free online site for widgets compatible with iBooks author called Bookry.  The specific tech software is not what’s important with our tool; we are investigating what our tool can offer in terms of student independence, engagement, and achievement with mathematics.  Some of the built-in supports included video re-teaching, audio prompts for directions, electronic manipulatives, and immediate feedback on their work.  For the pilot study, we wanted to see how young students were able to work with this kind of tool and if it was a socially valid option for practicing math concepts while also strengthening their math skills.  We video recorded students while using the eWorkbooks and during interviews, and we will use StudioCode to do some open coding of engagement, independence, and achievement.  ImageImageImageImage


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