Progress Update

I have spent the past bunch of days continuing to develop my code window while also evaluating some of the videos I captured during my pilot study as I am preparing to start the coding process.  Here is a brief summary of changes I have made along with a screenshot of my latest draft of my code window:

Structural Changes to my Code Window

  1. I changed “Exploratory Engagement” from a text label to it’s own separate code.  (Even though it activates Positive Engagement and is in that hierarchy, I still think it should be it’s own category.
  2. I added hotkeys to each of the engagement text labels to make coding easier.
  3. I unlinked the non-engagement text labels and the Independent Working code.  (See my note later about how I want to separate my coding for Engagement and Independence)
  4. I added a few more text labels to the Independence codes.

July 9 Code Window


New Thoughts as I Begin Coding my Videos:

  1. Originally I wanted to find a way to add activation/deactivation links between engagement and independence codes so I wouldn’t have to watch the videos twice and code separately.  Then I realized that there are just too many different possibilities….just because a student is positively engaging, doesn’t mean the student is doing so independently, so I can’t automatically have an activation link.  I think I should keep them separate.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, I am all ears!
  2. Will it be easier to use hotkeys or just to press the code buttons since I have so many codes?  Do I have too many codes?
  3. As I am looking at my videos, I notice it will be very easy to code independence based on my camera angles, but not so easy to code engagement.  This process has caused me to rethink the way I will be filming my students for my actual study this fall.  I will definitely have to use multiple camera angles (a close up on each student where I can have a clearer view of the iPad screen as well as a wider angle view of the classroom to code independence).  Luckily this software allows for coding of multiple angles! (None of my videos meet these requirements, so later into this project I will make my own videos to experiment with this feature).



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  1. Hi Tara
    1) your assumptions about linking are correct. Often events are not mutually exclusive and therefore activation does not work. A case of try and discover really.
    2) Some of your buttons do not need to be shown as they are activated by other buttons. You could make the button very small and hide it behind another button, this will clean up the screen real-estate. The way you have grouped the buttons should make coding simple.
    3) your window is developing nicely. No there are not too many buttons…some other users have 100’s of buttons in a window. A lot comes down to design and thinking about the coding process. You do not want to be jumping all over the window to hit buttons, that will just slow you down.
    4) Hotkeys or clicking buttons is a personal preference. My typing skills are just not good enough for hotkeys. I know a person who used only hotkeys on a complex window and he had memorised every hotkey and could code without looking at the keyboard 🙂

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