Benefits and Limitations of Text Labels

As I started coding my videos for Independent Work Habits, I discovered some benefits and limitations of using text labels as opposed to making new codes. In this screencast I describe my challenge and the solution I came up with. StudioCode experts: I’d love your continued feedback on this one!


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  1. Hi Tara – Good solution! As I was listening to you explain the problem I was preparing to type an explanation of how a text label could be duplicated and made a code to solve your problem. But you figured it out yourself!

    Thanks for sharing your work!

    Mike Willard

  2. Hi Tara. Your thinking is spot on. The text label can not create a duration as it is merely describing the event. By creating (duplicating) the button and making it a Code button you have the ability to capture the information you require. Also right to activate the Code from the Label.

    Specifically to get “the time the teacher took to response to the student” you could use the “create Row” feature if you had at least 2 Codes…”Student requesting teacher assist” and “teacher assisting Student” the gap between the 2 events is the response time. Studiocode can create that for you.


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