Yet Another Restructuring

After I made the last video post, I attempted to code a video but I ran into some roadblocks. If you haven’t watch the previous video (“A New Structure”), watch that one before you watch this screencast where I describe another round of restructuring to circumvent these roadblocks.

PS – This restructuring still hasn’t fixed everything, but more on that tomorrow!


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  1. Hello Tara
    I have looked at your problem and se a solution for you.
    The problem arises because we do not allow independent control of the links from a button.
    They are either all based on “After activations, or before deactivations. To achieve what you want requires independent control.
    You can of course just duplicate the Label “student engages in off-task activities” and use the “student engages in off-task activities” Code button to activate it.
    Then use this duplicated button to deactivate the “independent working” Code button and to activate the second “student engages in off-task activities” Label button which in turn activates the “Not working” Code button.
    To close the loop you then use a deactivation link from the “independent working” Code button to the “student engages in off-task activities” Code button.
    This will give you instances in the “student engages in off-task activities” Row of the timeline that correspond to all of the time that the student was “off-task”. Which is great if you want a visual representation in the timeline that shows this.
    The alternative to this is to measure the time from the timeline that the student is off-task and display this time in the “student engages in off-task activities” label button. By doing this you eliminate the “student engages in off-task activities” Code button.
    I have put together a small Code Window to show this.
    The link is

    Good Coding and please don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have

  2. In addition to the example Owen gave, I may have another solution to this. It involves taking out some of the links and using the push button up scripting command in place of the exclusive links. Push button up can be thought of as a similar function to deactivation links. I will send you a small example so you can see!

  3. Thanks Ryan!

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