Updated Code Window

I made changes on the code window based on some suggestions I received. While I was doing that, I realized another addition I would need to make. In this screencast I demonstrate my changes and my thought process for making those changes. On a side note, I want to point out the importance of making changes to the code window yourself rather than allowing someone else to make it for you. Some of the educational researchers I know are hesitant to use video coding software for qualitative studies because they believe it’s too much of a hassle to learn the complicated software. I believe that I am digging deeper into my own research by utilizing this software. Building a code window really makes me think about my data in a new way. I would highly recommend this inquiry approach to educational researchers.


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  1. Tara the key point you make about building the Code Window yourself is absolutely correct. The whole building process helps clarify your thinking and enables you to ask the next question…which you may not know yet what that question is.

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