Video Angles

I haven’t had as much time to play around with these videos as I would have liked in the past bunch of days, but I did spend a few hours last night taking some sample videos of myself acting as a student.  I tried to mimic what I saw students doing in our pilot study so I could practice different angles.  I am having a really difficult time getting a good angle so I can see the student’s actions, see the iPad clearly, and know what is going on in the rest of the class.  I will definitely need at least two angles, which could be troublesome in terms of logistics, especially since we plan on having three student participants.  I don’t want the classroom to be full of cameras, and I don’t want the student to be distracted by the presence of a camera so close to them.

I could do an over the shoulder view of the iPad so I can see the student’s hands and the way they interact with the iPad:


The only issue with this angle is that I cannot see the student’s face or body language to see if he or she is distracted.  If the student doesn’t manipulate the iPad for a while, at this angle it would be difficult to tell whether it is because he or she is distracted, or just reading.

I could also do an across the room view like the one below where I can see the entire body of the student.  This is important for the reasons described above.  This view unfortunately doesn’t show me what the student is doing on the iPad, but if I stacked both video angles, I could get a good picture of the student overall.  (I just don’t know what challenges coding stacked videos will bring).


When conducting research in a classroom, especially at the elementary level, you need to consider the authenticity of the environment.  I am worried about needing multiple camera angles for multiple students because logistically I would need enough cameras, and I don’t want those cameras to be a distraction.  I was trying to find a way not to have so many cameras set up in the room so I looked for a way to see what the student was doing on the iPad without using a video camera.  I found a Mac app called Reflector that might work:

Each angle has its limitations and ideally, I could use all three.  I have a major concern about the sound with the reflector app, but if I could figure out a way to change the sound streaming option, it would be an excellent angle.  I guess this post is just a way for me to think out loud.  If anyone has a suggestion for me, I’d love to hear it.  Thank you to everyone who has provided me with feedback throughout this process…it has been extremely helpful in shaping my understanding of this research and the StudioCode software.


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  1. You could hang a discrete camera such as a GoPro from the celing to get a bird’s eye view and ipad usage. It has a wide angle lens built in and probably won’t even be noticed. Just a though, hope it helps.

  2. Tara…..a left field idea…..might be to intrusive but …..have selected students wear the glasses that have the camera in them. Will definitely see the iPad and anything they look at. Just an idea.


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