In this screencast I demonstrate how I used scripting to calculate 4 values that I will be able to graph for the single case research design part of my study. Using scripts is extremely helpful because each time I bring up a new coded video, it will automatically give me those values for that video. I will not need to calculate any numbers by hand. I only briefly point out my scripts, but if there are any questions, I can certainly explain the scripting language I used. 🙂 There is a pattern to scripting and StudioCode has some example scripts you can pull from and just alter to meet your needs. It’s definitely not as complicated as most computer programming languages. I didn’t really know anything about computer programming before and I was able to pick up scripting very quickly. There are plenty of tricks and shortcuts that Ryan helped me with, so if this is something you are trying for the first time, I would definitely run your ideas past one of the trainers.


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  1. Well done. As you say scripting is not hard but extremely powerful.

  2. Exactly how we intended the for stat commands to be used! It is really fun to read about work. Thanks for sharing all of this. You have inspired me to work on the documentation for the commands to make it even easier. Thanks!

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