Some Thoughts As I Work: Questions, Comments, and Solutions

As I was working on Interrater Reliability calculations and scripting, I had some thoughts I would like to share.


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  1. Hi Tara – Great stuff with IRR! Thanks for sharing.

    I wanted to share two tips with you:
    1. You can shuffle through windows by using the ⌘∼ key combination. Hold down ⌘ and each time you press ∼ another window will come to the front. This works with any application in Mac OSX.
    2. Another option for creating an instance in a row is to hold down ⌃⌥⌘ (control, option, command) and click and drag your cursor along the row in which you want to create the instance. An instance will be created for the distance of your “drag.”

    Hope these help!

    Mike Willard

  2. Another option would be with New Row +, where you can do something similar to what you are looking for with Row A OR Row B OR Row C. Holding the Command key, you can select all three of the working rows, then click on New Row + and it will created a merged row of all of those into one. You can then rename it into Independent Work Period and your script will still calculate it correctly because it is only looking for the length of IWP!

  3. Great work again.
    A couple of comments that may help.

    The question is – Do you want to see the row that combines the 3states of Independent Working. If not a simple script will calculate the length of time spent in this area
    $nw = length instances where row = “Not Working”
    $iw = length instances where row = “Independant Working”
    $wa = length instances where row = “Working with Assistance”
    $iwtotal = $nw + $iw + $wa
    If you want to display the total in a button then turn on “Display output text” and add
    Show $iwtotal

    To easily create a Row that combines the 3states of Independent Working, just hold down the “Command” key and click on each of the Row names. Now use the “Row+” tool in the Timeline toolbar.

    The “Delete selected Row etc” is in the Row menu.

  4. Tara a well thought out process for IRR. You raise an interesting point in defining what is reliable 80%? 90%? As you work through this I believe you will find Studiocode enables you to ask a lot more questions about IRR. For example all observer code the instance=100% reliable……2 coders give a subjective rating of say “good” and one rates “average”. So questions can be asked differently as regards to IRR. Just my thoughts.

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