Small Glitch with “not” command

I was working on making a new graph output which would require the use of a “not” command. I explain it better in the video, but basically I wanted to count incidences in a row where there was a certain text label applied, but NOT another certain text label applied. I thought I understood the scripting formulas and logically it made sense, but I continued to receive error output messages. Ryan and I worked on finding a different way to insert the “not” command which worked, but neither of us can figure out why our original thought didn’t work. This probably sounds confusing if you are not looking at my code window, so just watch the video as I explain the glitch we hit and what we did to solve it!


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  1. It says video is unavailable

  2. i am getting the same message

  3. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve been having problems with YouTube all day. Should be all set now…funny my post is about “glitches” today 😉

  4. Hi Tara
    This is the script you were looking for
    $call = count not “Raises hand to ask” and “Calls out to ask”
    The secret is to exclude the item/ you don’t want and then include the item/s that you do.
    Use brackets to isolate and to force logic.

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