Graphing Single Case Research Data

Philip asked me what I wanted to do with excel graphs because maybe we could do it with StudioCode (or if not, maybe it’s something StudioCode could add).  So far in my training, Ryan and I have not yet focused on the analytics capabilities of StudioCode.  He showed me some of the things StudioCode can do, but we should be getting to the analytics part of the training soon.  (I asked him if I could wait a while before we did this so I could focus on my code window development and output window development).  In this post I will explain some of the calculations/graphs I plan on making with Excel, and then maybe someone can comment on StudioCode’s ability to do some of this.

Right now, I am very excited about my scripting and output windows and I can see all of the data I can collect at a glance from each video.  What I’m not seeing (and again, I may just not know about the capabilities) is how I can take this data from my output window for one particular session and compare it with all of my other sessions.  A lot of these outputs are data for single case design research.  This is a type of research frequently used in special education because of the individualistic nature of the field.  Single case design allows researchers to harness scientific control to draw conclusions about an intervention for a very small number of research participants (as few as 1).  This involves making graphs of data over time to compare intervention periods to non-intervention periods in a multitude of ways.  Here is a [fake] example of what I’d like to do with some of my data:

If anyone has any insight into StudioCode Capabilities or any other comments for me, I’m all ears!


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