Seeking Advice on Code Window Aesthetics

I apologize for my sparse posts lately. (This semester is busier than I expected it to be). In this post I pose a few questions about the aesthetics of my code window and how I can change the justification of text in boxes or expand the canvas of my code window.

Additionally, I would still love to hear from someone about my last post and some of the analytic capabilities of StudioCode. I hope to find some time look at those features soon (you’ve got a phone call coming your way, Ryan!)


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  1. To move the text around – just open the inspector on the button of interest, select the appearance panel and you will see a control beside the 3 “Show xxx” lines. Click on the arrow heads to move the text, double click the centre area to recenter the text.

  2. To hide the activation link just go to the set of 3 link buttons in the toolbar and click the left hand button “Hide Links”

  3. To expand the window you can just drag a button outside of the window limit on the “Right hand side or the Bottom. Of course you can click and drag the bottom RH corner to resize the window and then drag the buttons to the locations that you choose.

  4. If you find your code window getting too big then perhaps think about putting all of the output / feedback buttons into another window (a Code Output Window) then you can put that window out of the mayor not have it open, while you code.

  5. You can sectionalise the code window by using the same method as you did when putting an inactive button behind your bar graphs, only put it behind all of the “Engagement” section, or the “Working” section etc.

  6. Thank you for all of your tips Owen! I addressed some of these comments in my latest post 🙂

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