Off Button?

Since I am making this new code window in “real time”, I often find myself developing a solution and then changing my mind a little while later.  That is what happened in this video.  I first thought I would add an “off” button for the second high leverage teaching practice like I had for the first teaching practice, but once I started restructuring my codes into text labels I realized I no longer needed one.  I was going to make a whole new video but then I thought it might be good for people to see my thought process in action.  For those of you just starting out making your code windows, I think you will find you will restructure things often and you might change your mind.  In this video I also demonstrated how I neatened up my buttons using the geometry feature in the inspector.  I did this mostly because I couldn’t stand things not being lined up, but I would recommend that you actually just wait until your overall structure is set before playing around with sizes, fonts, and colors.  You will probably make changes and will waste your time with formatting early on…this advice is something I still need to learn to follow 🙂


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