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Simple Scripting for Live Outputs

In the following video, I walk you through the process of writing scripts to display live outputs for one of the codes.

I stopped the video before I showed how the display changes with live coding so I made this quick second video:


A few additions…

This is just a quick post about the changes I made based on my last post. Thank you again to Owen and his great tip about using the keyboard to align buttons. In this video I also showed how to use the align feature to do that. While keyboard buttons are probably easiest for aligning two buttons, the align feature is extremely helpful when lining up rows of buttons. Stay tuned for some scripting in my next post!

Fixing Deactivation Links and a Few Additions

Thank you for the comments on my last post. I have taken Owen’s tips and fixed my deactivation links as well as have added some additional text labels to give my 4th teaching practice code a little more detail. On a separate note, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending the last 5 days in Washington D.C. for a meeting of the Higher Education Consortium on Special Education (HECSE) where I was able to show some of my code windows to some top researchers across the country. I got a lot of feedback about potential uses and some needs of the field, which I will share soon 🙂

4th Teaching Practice and Some Troubleshooting

Thanks for your patience everyone…being a doc student comes with some traveling and a lot of writing.  I was away for the last week visiting the University of Kentucky with my cohort, where I was kept very busy.  I did get to do a presentation on how I use StudioCode for research, and everyone was really interested!

So, below I have a brief video of how I used some exclusive links for the fourth teaching practice in a similar way they might be used in sports.

You probably noticed I had some trouble with the deactivation links I added at the end.  I thought I just clicked things too many times, but as I tried it again, I realized it still wasn’t working.  I made a quick video to see if any StudioCode experts out there can help me out.  I have come up with other ways I could deactivate my links, but I’m not sure why what I did doesn’t work.  Any ideas are welcome 🙂

3rd Teaching Practice & More with Links

Well, here in Western New York, I have been stuck in the house due to a blizzard (our first official blizzard since 1993).  This gave me some time to play around with my code window a little.  What you will see in the video below is my progress from a few days ago…the blizzard is supposed to continue into tomorrow, so you’ll probably see another post soon!


Resizing and Duplicating for Quick Additions to the Code Window

Thinking more about the 2nd high leverage teaching practice, I realized the code hierarchy I made doesn’t give enough information about the type of questions the teacher asked.  I used the terms ‘open’ and ‘closed’, but I didn’t provide codes related to Bloom’s Taxonomy, a common classification of questions and thinking in the education field (for more information on Bloom’s Taxonomy, visit: ).  Rather than code specifically for the level of bloom’s taxonomy, I decided it was more important to know whether teaching are asking more higher order or more lower order questions while teaching.  Lower order questions involve basic fact recall and comprehension.  Higher order questions would involve application, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation of content.  In this video I demonstrate how quick it is to add to a code hierarchy at a later time using resizing and duplication.

Though I didn’t show it in the video, I also quickly added more activation links to complete the tree hierarchy with the same structure it had before (just another level added).