4th Teaching Practice and Some Troubleshooting

Thanks for your patience everyone…being a doc student comes with some traveling and a lot of writing.  I was away for the last week visiting the University of Kentucky with my cohort, where I was kept very busy.  I did get to do a presentation on how I use StudioCode for research, and everyone was really interested!

So, below I have a brief video of how I used some exclusive links for the fourth teaching practice in a similar way they might be used in sports.

You probably noticed I had some trouble with the deactivation links I added at the end.  I thought I just clicked things too many times, but as I tried it again, I realized it still wasn’t working.  I made a quick video to see if any StudioCode experts out there can help me out.  I have come up with other ways I could deactivate my links, but I’m not sure why what I did doesn’t work.  Any ideas are welcome 🙂


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  1. Hi Tara, I replicated your code window with the deactivation links and found the same thing. I tried with an exclusive link between code buttons “Lead Whole-Class Discussions of Content” and “discussion student talks” and the same thing happens. Would need to understand why you’re coding like that and maybe help with an in-button script or toggle.

  2. Hi Tara….Owen will show you the fix shortly. When I saw it first I thought it was a circular argument. Owen’s solution is simple and nice.

  3. Hello Tara
    Here is a little “Smoke and mirrors” for you.
    The problem is one of circles.
    However the fix is really straight forward.
    Delete the current “De-activation” links
    Now duplicate the “Discussion of Content” Button – Option click and Drag the button out to the right.
    Now lets set this button up,
    1. Open the inspector
    2. Change the colour of the button to Transparent (1,20 in the colour selector {Top Left})
    3. Change the Button Type to “Action” – “Toggle” or “Movie” does not matter.
    4. Set up Deactivation Links from this button to each three Code buttons – Discussion Teacher Talks, Discussion Student Talks, and Discussion of Content.
    5. Drag the Duplicated button back over top of the original “Discussion of Content” button.

    All should now work exactly as you envisaged and desired.

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