Adjusting Coded Instances

When we start coding instances, sometimes we make an error that we need to adjust later.  When I went back to my coded instances of “behavioral prompts” I realized I missed one between instances 2 and 3.  This is actually going to be a two-part post.  First I will show you how I corrected that problem, and then I will post a second video presenting some problems I was having with this process in hopes that someone from Studiocode can tell me what I was doing wrong.  Often there are many solutions to the same problem, but some are easier/simpler than others.

You probably noticed how the video above cut off rather abruptly…this is because I got stuck trying to figure out how to adjust the length of instances without adjusting all of the instances that followed.  The screencast below is where I explain my difficulties (perhaps some of my viewers have encountered similar difficulties).  When I figure out how to address my difficulties, I will make a new post 🙂



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  1. Hi Tara. There are 2 options to extend/adjust the instance.
    Option 1… the row you are working in……click in the instance….move the cursor over the instance…hold Alt and Command and the cursor will turn to a cross hatch….hold down on the end of the instance and drag to desired point.

    Option 2 Control and E click on the instance. It will open an Instance Edit Window. In the top left and right are triangles (both directions) for extending or shortening the instance. This method allows frame accurate adjustment.

  2. Hi Tara
    Option 3 ……… To merge 2 instances together,
    Select the Row
    Grab the Timeline cursor and put it somewhere in one of the instances
    Hold down Command & Option keys and drag the cursor across the gap between the instances

    • Hi Owen,
      it didn’t work if i hold down both Command & Option keys, but it will work if I just hold down only Option key..or maybe mine is different keyboard.. thanks

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