Searching for Trends

The process of open coding is a laboring task (but if you are a qualitative researcher, you already know that). I spent some time adding labels into my “behavioral prompt” instances to start looking for trends with which I could start to develop my code window. I apologize in advance for some of my random thoughts that popped up as I was making this screencast…I was having a difficult time verbalizing my process because it was quite involved. I am hoping as you listen to my “think aloud” you might get some ideas on how to do this for your research.

The purpose of doing this open coding with text labels is not to do this for ALL of your videos. You will do this to look for trends to develop more codes and a structure for those codes. Your goal should be to eventually use your code window (which will contain both codes and labels) to code your videos. Depending on your research question, you may only need to do open coding for a video or two to come up with a solid code hierarchy. You can still add and modify your code window as you go, but the sooner you can have multiple codes and labels, the easier it will be for you to find patterns. 🙂


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