Percent Agreement IRR (for duration data)

In this post I will demonstrate how to calculate a percent agreement for IRR with some very simple scripting. This kind of IRR has an additional step of creating new rows in the timeline after combining both coders’ data. I do not know of a way to calculate “and” and “or” conditions of two rows within a scripting window to avoid this step (though if there is a way, I’d love to learn how…I tried to make up scripts myself, but they didn’t work ;-))

I made two videos today. In the first, I explain the behavioral scenario and demonstrate how to easily duplicate the code window (in my last post I just described it).

In this second video I demonstrate how to make the new rows after both coders data is on the same timeline (they can either code on the same timeline to begin with or they can code separately and combine timelines later).


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