Monthly Archives: April 2014

Updated OTR Code Window Solution

Here is the solution I came up with for my OTR code window so it doesn’t get so complicated. I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, so I’m always up for suggestions. At least at this point it will be easy enough for me to add new labels as I observe new trends. 🙂


Theoretical Code Window with Actual Research Data

I like to develop my code windows as much as possible before collecting any research data. I base my codes off of prior research and my literature review. One of the downfalls of this method is if I spend too much time on scripting before I actually collect data, I might make more work for myself. Theoretical code windows do not always work as expected once we collect our actual research data.

I started collecting video data for my eWorkbooks project, and I realized I needed to make some changes to my OTRs code window. This is a natural part of the process. I use a modified grounded theory approach to my code windows. Rather than starting with a blank slate, I start with my hypothesized codes and then I use my data to generate new codes and to modify what I already made. I really recommend this approach to most educational researchers. One word of caution: Do not spend too much time on scripting and fancy formatting and outputs until your code window is more or less set. I only developed mine as much as I did for purposes of this blog…it was actually more work later to fix some of my links and scripting when I had too much of it.

Code window updates and Tips for Coding

Here is a short video clip that might save you some frustration and hassle. First, I briefly describe some updates I made to the On- and Off-Task code window, and then I give those tips.

– narrow focus while coding (i.e., don’t code everything at once)
– utilize the reference package

Using Duplicated Code Buttons and Text Labels

In this video I return to the grounded theory code window we were coding. I show how we can further develop the code window based on our initial open coding. Additionally I demonstrate the power of utilizing duplicate code buttons/text labels to gather even more information about your video.