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Code Window as a Presentation Tool: Playing Movies

Thank you for all of the responses to my last post. I am going to try to cover as much as possible over the next bunch of weeks. Just a reminder that if you have a specific behavior/research question that you are having trouble coding, feel free to contact me for some ideas.  Also, if you ever have suggestions for me to improve anything I have demonstrated, I would love to hear them. This blog is meant to open a dialogue between Studiocode users.

And now for today’s post:

I love to use my code windows as a presentation tool. You have already seen some of my code windows where I have scripting everywhere to calculate frequency counts, durations, and percentages. Today I am going to show you how to call up strings of videos in your code window as well. This is useful when presenting and also when you want to double check your coding.

Making Movie Buttons:

  • Create a new button and select “action” as the type

Play Movie

  •  Your script should look like this:
    • Show instances where row = “row name”
  • Or if you only want instances containing a certain label, it should look like this:
    • Show label “label name” where row = “row name”



As I demonstrate in my screencast, the only trouble I had with this was playing videos with a specific label within a group. The typical format for labels within group is  “group”.”label”, but when I tried the script below, it didn’t work:

  • Show label “Students”.”Student 1” where row = “Affirmative”

I also tried the word “group” instead of label, and that didn’t work either.  If anyone knows what is wrong with that particular script, I’m all ears. 🙂



Seeking Your Input

I apologize for my mini hiatus while I finished coding and writing up my research component.  I realized when I sat down today to blog that I am not sure where to go next.  I know I said I would post some example scripts, but I would love to make them relevant to my viewers’ research as well.  I am taking a small coding break from my own research as the next phase of data collection won’t even begin until October, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to get some feedback.

Below I have a link to a super short google form where I can compile everyone’s feedback one place (so I don’t overlook anything in my email).  Basically, I want to know what types of topics you are researching, what functions of Studiocode are most helpful to you, and what functions you still want to explore (but perhaps don’t have the time for).  Let me do that work for you!  I know there are plenty of features I haven’t used yet, so if I hear from no one, I will just wing it.


PS – If you work for Studiocode, feel free to take the survey for your users…what questions keep coming up and how can I help you address them?

Scripts for You to Use

In my conversations with other Studiocode users, one topic that always comes up is the need for a library of code windows for people to use because the actual act of creating a code window is very intimidating.  The only problem with this idea is the way I visualize my data is bound to be different from the way you visualize the same data.  In terms of qualitative research, the organization and visualization of findings IS the research.

Exact code windows may not be ideal to share, but some scripting outlines are.  The more examples of scripted code windows you see, the easier it will be for you to come up with code windows of your own.  Since several people have emailed me about the scripts for the 2 way label interaction heat map I posted about a few weeks ago, I thought this would be the first of several scripting outlines I will post for you.

Two Way Label Interaction Heat Map:

Heat Map


Basic Script Inside Each Cell:

$cell = count “label 1” and “label 2” where row = “code”

IF ($cell =0, BUTTON COLOR (93, 93, 93))

IF ($cell >0, BUTTON COLOR (85, 95, 78))

IF ($cell >2, BUTTON COLOR (98, 91, 51))

IF ($cell >6, BUTTON COLOR (100, 60, 31))

IF ($cell >9, BUTTON COLOR (100, 20, 16))

Show $cell


Explanation of the Script and the Changes Made for Each Cell:

More Tips for the Coding Process

Something I hear a lot In my conversations with people who use Studiocode, is how easy it is to get overwhelmed during the actual coding process.  If you are having difficulty keeping track of codes and labels during the coding process it is probably because you are trying to focus on too many behaviors at the same time.  When watching a video, we really can only focus on 2-3 different behaviors accurately (I’d be curious to see some research on this…I am talking from experience).  Before you start coding, have a plan of attack…if you try to code everything at once, you are going to drive yourself crazy.  Here are my tips:

1)  Use a layered coding approach so you can focus on 2-3 behaviors at a time.

2) Organize your code window by those behaviors beginning with the broadest codes.

3) In your first time through with broad codes, don’t focus too much on getting the timing exact; focus most on capturing the correct behaviors.  In fact, utilizing exclusive links or lag/lead time to automatically turn behavior codes on and off will help you just think about the behavior and not about turning the codes on and off at the right time.

4) Since you are going to code in layers, the first time through you can speed up the video so it doesn’t take so long.  I find that anything between 193-209% speeds up the process while also being able to understand everything people are saying (I can even understand my own voice, and I talk quickly!)