More Tips for the Coding Process

Something I hear a lot In my conversations with people who use Studiocode, is how easy it is to get overwhelmed during the actual coding process.  If you are having difficulty keeping track of codes and labels during the coding process it is probably because you are trying to focus on too many behaviors at the same time.  When watching a video, we really can only focus on 2-3 different behaviors accurately (I’d be curious to see some research on this…I am talking from experience).  Before you start coding, have a plan of attack…if you try to code everything at once, you are going to drive yourself crazy.  Here are my tips:

1)  Use a layered coding approach so you can focus on 2-3 behaviors at a time.

2) Organize your code window by those behaviors beginning with the broadest codes.

3) In your first time through with broad codes, don’t focus too much on getting the timing exact; focus most on capturing the correct behaviors.  In fact, utilizing exclusive links or lag/lead time to automatically turn behavior codes on and off will help you just think about the behavior and not about turning the codes on and off at the right time.

4) Since you are going to code in layers, the first time through you can speed up the video so it doesn’t take so long.  I find that anything between 193-209% speeds up the process while also being able to understand everything people are saying (I can even understand my own voice, and I talk quickly!)


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