Transcriptions from Scratch with Customized Instance Lengths: A Demonstration

**TIP** Some people have mentioned my screencasts are blurry and they cannot see the details of what I am doing.  Click to enlarge them to full screen and give it a few moments.  They look blurry at first, but they will crisp up to a higher definition after a few seconds of play (sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds).  You should be able to read everything on my screen when I make a screencast 🙂


In my last post I described how you can make equal interval time stamps to use a grounded theory approach to analyzing videos for the first time.  Much thanks to Mike Willard at Studiocode for his wonderful comment about using a similar method with customizable interval lengths.  In case you did not see his comment, I thought I would do a demonstration for you.

You will use some keyboard strokes to enter start and stop times for your transcription window instances rather than setting equal intervals.  I created this diagram as a reference for you:

Transcription Keyboard Shortcuts


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