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Multimodal Nature of Video


Transcription Window Problems Solved and Demonstrated

Many thanks to the detailed comments from Justin 🙂  I focused on a few of his suggestions to finally show you some open coding with the transcription window.

In my next few posts we will compare this same process using the code window and using the transcription window.

Not Quite There Yet…

Where does the time go?  It seems like I blink my eyes and a week has passed since my last post.  I guess that is what happens when most of your day is spent writing your dissertation and applying for jobs (I’m sure most of you don’t miss that!) Anyway, thank you for your tip, Mike, but unfortunately I was not able to get it to work yet.  I posted a quick video of me attempting to uncheck the box, but what happens is the program automatically checks it again.  What I will probably do is move back to some other features that I haven’t discussed yet while we figure this out.  Here is that video and hopefully I can free up a little more time in the near future to dive into this more frequently!