Why Labels? Part 1

Thank you to those of you who stopped by my presentation at CEC TED in Indianapolis last week 🙂 Between my dissertation, job hunting, and two back-to-back conferences, my Studiocode blogging has been minimal lately.  I was excited to be able to talk about my research using Studiocode with so many people at TED!

Beyond research, something in which special education institutions are particularly interested, is documenting and measuring pre-service teaching practices of students.  I am going to be working with a local college to use Studiocode software to make a reflective tool for this purpose.  In my discussions with people from other institutions about how I use Studiocode to tag behaviors, one question that has come up is why it is so important to be able to add labels inside codes.  Other software can tag things in a video, but not all have the layered label within code ability that I frequently use.  In this screencast I show Part 1 of my video on why this is important.  I didn’t want to make this video too long, so I will post another video soon. 🙂


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