Monthly Archives: April 2015

Theory Building Part 2 – Instance Adjustments & Basic Scripting

In this second part to my theory building posts, I show what a “first pass” might look like in your theory building approach to video coding.  I demonstrate 3 different ways to adjust instances after you do your first pass (all of which are useful depending on how specific you need to be with your durations) as well as how to write some simple scripts to display valuable information to guide the next step of your theory building process.


Useful Features for Theory Building Research Approaches – Part 1

It has been a very long time since my last post, mainly because I have been job hunting and finishing up my dissertation (both of which have been a success…yay!).  I also started a new project with Studiocode Group called Tell Your Studiocode Story for which I will be interviewing active users so they can share their wisdom about using Studiocode (iCoda, etc.) for research and practice with other users or potential users.  I really think this project will help the community to collaborate.  If you want to see the first interview (with me as the participant), you can find the link under the Tell Your Studiocode Story tab.  We are just getting up and running, so the materials are on a temporary blog page.  As soon as we get our permanent site set up, I will keep everyone posted about how to access the content.

This next blog post (or series of posts really) was inspired by my interview and some recent emails I received about using Studiocode for transcriptions and more qualitative theory-building approaches to research.  In this first post, I demonstrate an easy and practical way to use Studiocode for transcribing discourse.  The features I use include exclusive links, notes, and the transcription window.  I also remind users of how to adjust the lengths of instances right from the timeline.