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Scripts for You to Use

In my conversations with other Studiocode users, one topic that always comes up is the need for a library of code windows for people to use because the actual act of creating a code window is very intimidating.  The only problem with this idea is the way I visualize my data is bound to be different from the way you visualize the same data.  In terms of qualitative research, the organization and visualization of findings IS the research.

Exact code windows may not be ideal to share, but some scripting outlines are.  The more examples of scripted code windows you see, the easier it will be for you to come up with code windows of your own.  Since several people have emailed me about the scripts for the 2 way label interaction heat map I posted about a few weeks ago, I thought this would be the first of several scripting outlines I will post for you.

Two Way Label Interaction Heat Map:

Heat Map


Basic Script Inside Each Cell:

$cell = count “label 1” and “label 2” where row = “code”

IF ($cell =0, BUTTON COLOR (93, 93, 93))

IF ($cell >0, BUTTON COLOR (85, 95, 78))

IF ($cell >2, BUTTON COLOR (98, 91, 51))

IF ($cell >6, BUTTON COLOR (100, 60, 31))

IF ($cell >9, BUTTON COLOR (100, 20, 16))

Show $cell


Explanation of the Script and the Changes Made for Each Cell: